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XCMG ft further expanded the sales scale of overseas market

XCMG ft further expanded the sales of extruded polystyrene board in overseas market. The scale of extruded polystyrene board is mainly composed of polystyrene resin or its copolymer, which is mainly used in the three major fields of plastic daily necessities for agricultural plastic packaging

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this year, some of XCMG's competitors gradually interrupted their cooperation with ft, Directly affected the business sales of relevant markets. FT quickly took measures to deal with this. While expanding its product categories, it further strengthened the development of other potential customer markets, focusing on European markets outside Germany, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and other countries as well as Eastern European countries. By July of this year, FT's export sales had reached nearly onemillion euros. According to the existing reservation orders for iron retaining shafts or variable frames, it is expected to achieve a sales revenue of more than 1.8 million euros by the end of the year, an increase of nearly 50% compared with last year

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