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XCMG e-commerce: strive to become the "unicorn" of vertical e-commerce in the electromechanical industry cluster with five years of processing technology and zero cover valve port.

XCMG e-commerce: strive to become the "unicorn" of vertical e-commerce in the electromechanical industry cluster in five years.

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interconnection has inserted a "wing" for the transformation and development of traditional enterprises. For XCMG group, accelerating the pace of internationalization is also inseparable from the innovative development of Internet technology

in an office building in Xuzhou Software Park, when we walked into XCMG e-commerce company, a large electronic screen attracted attention. This smart platform, called XCMG e-commerce ecological data, recorded the transaction data, business opportunity characteristics, customer source distribution and other contents of the platform's domestic and foreign markets in real time

XCMG e-commerce ecological data intelligence platform

xcmg e-commerce was established at the end of 2017, and its current operating revenue has exceeded 380million yuan. With the rapid development of business and the continuous development of the market, we will strive to exceed 10 billion yuan in platform trading volume in the next five years, and become the leading e-commerce enterprise in Xuzhou Software Park applying for the national e-commerce demonstration base

In the 21st century, China has become an important base for global mechanical and electrical products manufacturing and export. In terms of absolute amount and proportion, mechanical and electrical products have already become the leading products for foreign trade export. In 2018, China's exports of mechanical and electrical products reached 9.65 trillion yuan, accounting for 58.8% of China's total export value, accounting for half of China's foreign trade for many years

XCMG, with a history of 76 years, is the largest enterprise in China's construction machinery industry with the most complete product varieties and series. There are thousands of upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises. It has high popularity and reputation in domestic and overseas markets. The relevant products of XCMG brand have a stable and loyal user group worldwide, and the core products have a high market share On December 12, 2017, General Secretary Xi inspected XCMG

XCMG e-commerce Co., Ltd. relying on XCMG group's complete construction machinery industry chain and mature international development experience, taking the construction machinery industry as the core, applying Internet + technology, independently developed and designed two platforms, namely, the international station machmall () and the domestic station Mantis (), which are rich in resources, innovative and efficient, and collaborative. They were launched on May 18 last year

On May 18, 2018, XCMG e-commerce international station machmall and domestic station Mantis dual platforms went online and released

by integrating high-quality resources made in China, the platform promoted the seamless connection between the demand side and the supply side, and provided global customers with various e-commerce trade and comprehensive services such as multi category, complete set and series mechanical and electrical products, leasing, auction, second-hand equipment, accessories and overseas warehouses, Build a prosperous e-commerce platform and ecosystem

XCMG's e-commerce platform gives full play to XCMG's specialized and international trade and service advantages all over the world, customizes trade strategies for international buyers and suppliers, and systematically provides e-commerce trade service solutions for upstream and downstream, domestic and foreign trade, online and offline

in 2018, XCMG e-commerce company successively won the honors of Jiangsu smart Jiangsu key construction project, Xuzhou e-commerce demonstration enterprise, Xuzhou Municipal pilot of new foreign trade formats, "Internet +" innovative competitiveness credit enterprise, integrity demonstration operation certification enterprise, Xuzhou youth culture and qualification of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises

XCMG e-commerce won the credit enterprise of Internet + innovation competitiveness

XCMG e-commerce won the credit demonstration and operation certification enterprise

relying on the advantageous industrial foundation of XCMG group, Cui Yi, associate professor of materials science and engineering and photonics at Stanford University, said that based on providing relevant interconnected products for the upstream and downstream of construction machinery and the electromechanical industry: "If we can provide warm products and services for the body, XCMG e-commerce platform will build a world leading platform for trade financing and resource sharing of mechanical and electrical products.

it is understood that since its release, the platform has been continuously concerned by mechanical and electrical product manufacturing enterprises in Huaihai Economic Zone and even the whole country. Up to now, it has attracted leaders from Sinopec lubricants, Inner Mongolia First Machinery Co., Ltd., Shangchai power, Shanghai Pengpu, Sifang boiler, Jinpeng electric vehicle and other industries At the same time, the company has also reached strategic cooperation relations with Google, Alibaba, made in China, France direct industry, global resources, etc

XCMG e-commerce signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Google

XCMG e-commerce signed a strategic partner certificate with virtualexpo group

with the help of e-commerce platform, it helped Chinese high-quality product suppliers directly contact overseas customers, help suppliers improve brand premium and obtain higher profits. In the first year of its establishment, the company achieved an operating revenue of more than 300million yuan, of which cross-border business accounted for more than 95%, The number of overseas registered users of the platform exceeded 100000

through e-commerce, the industry realized the batch export of 100 complete sets of pavement equipment, large tonnage complete sets of mining equipment, batch lifting machinery and batch earth moving machinery products, setting a record for cross-border e-commerce transactions in the industry

XCMG's cross-border e-commerce 100 complete sets of pavement equipment are sent overseas in batches

at present, the platform product inquiry covers 174 countries and regions, and the products are sold to 78 countries and regions around the world. There are not only high-end engineering machinery markets such as France, Canada and South Korea, but also markets with weak traditional channels such as Papua New Guinea and Fiji, and XCMG has strong sales in the "the Belt and Road" countries such as Pakistan and the Philippines. At the same time, new emerging markets such as Vanuatu, Saint Martin Island and Trinidad and Tobago have been opened up

good prospects to build a "unicorn" enterprise in the industry

XCMG e-commerce company innovates the business model through the implementation of oem/odm/obm strategy, enriches the categories of mechanical and electrical products, meets the diversified needs of global customers, and provides huge market opportunities and development opportunities for suppliers with the help of machmall cross-border e-commerce platform. It not only realizes cross-country cranes, water well drilling rigs, 100m climbing fire engines The sales of high value-added products of construction machinery such as liangtoubusi also realized the business opportunity matching and batch export of honeycomb structures such as industrial furnaces, air compressors, bulldozers, generator sets, low-speed new energy vehicles, logistics warehousing and handling equipment

XCMG's cross-border e-commerce, the highest export delivery of 100m climbing fire engines in Asia

the e-commerce platform created by XCMG's e-commerce has solved the problem of information asymmetry between buyers and sellers of mechanical and electrical products. In the next step, the transformation direction will be extended to other links of the industrial chain, providing data services, information services, logistics services, financial services, such as warehousing, logistics, finance and other non-standard needs, and exploring used cars, spare parts Leasing and other new businesses provide customers with more valuable and diversified ecological services

XCMG e-commerce company, with the mission of "enabling the supply chain, innovating the ecosystem, and providing global customers with comprehensive service solutions for mechanical and electrical products", adheres to expert sourcing, selecting the best from the best, and collecting and selecting high-quality mechanical and electrical industry resources worldwide. In the next five years, XCMG e-commerce company will have more than 10000 enabling partners, more than 1million registered members, and more than 10 billion platform transactions, and become a global trust The international leading e-commerce comprehensive service platform for the electromechanical industry will strive to become a vertical e-commerce "unicorn" of the electromechanical industry cluster in five years

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