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XCMG continues to lead the Chinese construction machinery brand in the African market

XCMG continues to lead the Chinese construction machinery brand in the African market

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BMW Africa will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from September 15 to 18, 2015. The exhibition made the software unable to be used normally. It was held by Munich International Expo Group to meet Africa's strong demand for technology and trade in the fields of construction machinery and construction equipment. Chinese construction machinery giant XCMG group will present its star products at the event

under the overall situation of the industry, the most common faults of the old impact testing machine are as follows: under the slippery situation, XCMG group, as the leader of the domestic industry, still achieved gratifying results in the African market. According to the statistics of the customs, XCMG's products exported to the African market exceeded 200million US dollars in 2013, reached 170million US dollars in 2014, and nearly 90million US dollars in the first half of 2015, continuously ranking first in the export of Chinese brands

over the years, XCMG has been deeply involved in the international market, and has invested a lot in product quality improvement and adaptability improvement, agent cultivation and channel construction, as well as service and spare parts guarantee, which has supported XCMG's products to maintain the first market share in the industry in Africa

XCMG firmly believes that quality is the life of the enterprise, takes world-class quality as the highest honor, and takes the harm to the life of the enterprise as the greatest shame. XCMG upholds the spirit of craftsman, has formulated world-class quality standards, attaches importance to the design of work methods and behavior standards, and has fully applied them to design, production, management, marketing, service and other links. Over the years, XCMG has continuously increased its R & D investment and developed and manufactured a large number of models suitable for special working conditions such as high temperature, high cold, high altitude and desert; According to customers' needs, we have developed and correctly used mining machinery, forest machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, energy machinery and other complete sets of equipment solutions

after years of efforts, XCMG has established a relatively complete marketing network and service spare parts system in Africa. Currently, it has two branches in Ghana and Guinea in Africa; 25 distribution points in Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and other countries; Distribution centers in C ô te d'Ivoire, Senegal and other countries and regions will also be completed by the end of 2015. XCMG has established 20 service spare parts centers in Africa, which can provide professional after-sales service and comprehensive spare parts service in a timely manner and cover African countries. At the same time, XCMG has also established 6 training centers in Africa to provide customers with all-round training services

while carefully laying out the sales service points, XCMG fully responded to the national "the Belt and Road" strategy. In 2015, XCMG launched the "the Belt and Road" service bank activities, focusing on the products of more than 20 countries along the line within the three guarantee period. The visited products covered nearly 10000 sets of lifting machinery, shoveling machinery, road machinery, excavation machinery, concrete machinery, piling machinery, truck mounted cranes, heavy trucks and other products. The service bank's activities were standardized in strict accordance with the "one free, two checks, three teaching, four questions and five feedback": three filters for free; Check product performance index and maintenance; Teach correct operation and maintenance methods for simple fault maintenance; Ask customers for construction information, purchase demand, spare parts purchase channels and improvement suggestions; The Ministry of Finance and China Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly launched the pilot information feedback, product leftover problems feedback, user satisfaction and opinion feedback of the first batch of key new materials using the insurance compensation mechanism, so as to better improve the service quality of XCMG

XCMG's excellent product quality and perfect point layout advantages in Africa have repeatedly won large orders for XCMG. In the past two years, XCMG has successively won large orders for the complete equipment project of Mombasa Nairobi railway, the complete equipment project of Ethiopia, the 100 meter fire truck order in Angola, and the complete equipment for plant construction in Nigeria. XCMG's products have won the trust of many well-known construction enterprises in China and even the world, such as CSCEC, China railway construction, China Railway Engineering, China Communications Group, CITIC construction, China nuclear power construction, Jiangxi International, Sinohydro, Henan International, Weihai International, and China Wuyi. XCMG's products have participated in infrastructure projects in many countries in Africa and become a model for China's construction and China's machinery to go global together, Build monuments of China Africa friendship for Africa

as the pacesetter in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG has always maintained the first position in export. At present, XCMG has more than 280 dealers in the world, and its products have been exported to 173 countries and regions. XCMG will make continuous efforts to become a world-class construction machinery manufacturing enterprise and a complete set of construction equipment solution provider, providing the world with high-quality equipment

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