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XCMG's "green R & D" makes the world a better place

with the rapid development of national economic construction, the resources consumed by industrial manufacturing and the pollution discharged have produced an inestimable load on the environment. Premier Li Keqiang said that at present, China is changing the mode of economic growth and development mode, adhering to innovation driven, promoting intelligent transformation, promoting green development, and taking a new industrialization path with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution. Developing energy conservation and environmental protection industry and accelerating the transformation of development mode has become a new trend leading the development of construction machinery industry

XCMG group stands in the perspective of global and social green sustainable development, integrates the concept of green environmental protection into its operation, actively leads the direction of green energy-saving technology in the industry, increases the research and development of advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, processes and equipment, and speeds up the green transformation and upgrading of XCMG products. Chairman Wang Min takes "sustainability" as a new business concept in the 13th five year plan, Fully demonstrate the quality connotation of XCMG's responsibility and create a better life for mankind in the world. As the core R & D institution of XCMG group, XCMG research institute takes "green environmental protection" as the main direction of technical research, constantly carries out green development technological innovation, vigorously develops circular economy, and comprehensively builds XCMG's "green" competitiveness

XCMG's "green R & D" makes the world a better place

breakthrough in technological innovation to create a new driving force for green R & D

green development is of great significance to China's industrial development. Industry accounts for more than 70% of China's energy consumption, and construction machinery is a major energy consumer. It has great potential and space in energy conservation, emission reduction and consumption reduction, and improving resource utilization. The implementation of green manufacturing engineering is a general trend and imperative. The research and development of green technology for construction machinery should meet the requirements of sustainable development. Since 2014, XCMG group has gathered the strength of the whole industry chain, launched the initiative of "creating a green world together", continuously increased the proportion of green innovation research and development investment, took "green environmental protection" as the design concept, conquered the core technologies such as environment-friendly green construction process, vibration noise and research and development of green environmental protection new materials, and continued to innovate and breakthrough technologies

XCMG's "green and environmental protection" product design concept runs through the whole product development process. At the beginning of product development, the automatic peak measurement demand is set freely, and the relationship between product quality, life, function and environment is fully considered. In the design process, the product function is improved and the design is optimized. Taking the "vibration and noise reduction" of construction machinery as an example, in order to protect the environment and human health, the noise limit standards of developed countries in Europe have been continuously reduced. XCMG Research Institute has made major breakthroughs in noise control through continuous technological innovation. The noise at the driver's position in the cab of some models has reached below 75 dB (a), and the noise level emitted outside the machinery is dB (a) higher than the EU CE certified noise limit, At present, it has been widely used in XCMG products such as graders, small excavators, rollers, cranes, etc., reaching the international advanced level, and has been fully recognized in the European and North American markets

XCMG has always been at the forefront of the industry in the research and development of green materials. While ensuring the safety and reliability of products to optimize the industrial structure, XCMG has injected the concept of green environmental protection, innovated and developed new materials to promote the application of products. At present, XCMG Research Institute has scientifically designed to improve the wear resistance of environmental protection materials. It has increased the wear resistance of environmental protection nylon sliders on cranes, truck mounted cranes, bridge inspection vehicles and other products by 14%, far exceeding the performance of domestic nylon sliders. Moreover, the production cost is 30% lower than that of imported sliders, which has promoted the change of the monopoly of imported sliders on the market and raised the R & D level of green materials of XCMG group to a new level

develop sustainable industries to create new advantages in remanufacture

with the development and continuous progress of construction machinery technology, the replacement and abandonment of various products are also accelerating. How to recycle them is also a big problem. Green remanufacturing process is an important part of the greening of construction machinery. Vigorously developing the remanufacturing industry of construction machinery can effectively reduce resource and energy consumption, make rational use of resources, save costs, and reduce environmental pollution. As one of the first batch of Pilot Remanufacturing units in China, Wangmin, chairman of XCMG group, put forward ardent expectations for the development of XCMG's remanufacturing: "it is necessary to build XCMG's remanufacturing industry into a remanufacturing industry cluster integrating engineering machinery remanufacturing, supporting parts production, warehousing and logistics, so that XCMG can become the leader leading the domestic remanufacturing industry."

in recent years, XCMG group has continuously innovated green remanufacture technology, aiming at high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, material saving and environmental protection, and used advanced remanufacture technology and industrialized production to repair and transform XCMG products that are about to be eliminated. Guided by the group's development concept, XCMG Research Institute fully focuses on the remanufacturing technology of energy saving, resource utilization maximization and environmental protection, constantly develops comprehensive technologies integrating advanced high-energy beam technology, advanced numerical control and computer technology and advanced material technology, and establishes an engineering machinery remanufacturing system. Improve the "reverse logistics information system for retired construction machinery products" platform, realize the information management of the whole process of remanufacture, establish the failure mode database of hydraulic pumps, motors and oil cylinders and the reuse grade evaluation system, and further strengthen the construction of remanufacture information platform. At the same time, the hydraulic pump and motor disassembly, turnover and grinding platform have been developed, and the remanufacture technical specifications of hydraulic pump and motor have been formulated. The performance of remanufactured hydraulic pump and motor is not lower than that of new products, so as to realize the recycling of resources. It has effectively ensured the green development of XCMG, and opened a new chapter for XCMG to practice green manufacturing and actively develop remanufacturing business

focus on customer needs and expand the new industry of complete set environmental protection

the green design of construction machinery products is limited to the product life cycle. It not only focuses on the environmental attributes of the product in the product design process, but also meets the requirements of the circular development of the ecological environment to the greatest extent on the premise of ensuring the product's due function and quality. Operating factors affecting impact strength: green, energy saving and environmental protection are the basic elements for engineering machinery products to enter the market and be accepted by users, and are also the prerequisites for their survival and development

as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG group is committed to green R & D, green manufacturing, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, vigorously developing circular economy, constantly innovating green environmental protection machinery products, and promoting social sustainable development. XCMG research institute pays attention to the attribute of "green environmental protection" when developing new products. It is committed to developing environment-friendly products and expanding complete sets of new environmental protection industries. The series of products of construction waste crushing and screening equipment developed by XCMG Research Institute have been successfully put into the market, laying a good foundation for the industrialization of complete sets of construction waste recycling equipment. The complete set of construction waste crushing and screening equipment is mainly used for the processing of construction waste and mountain stone raw materials. After coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, screening and other processes, the construction waste is formed into concrete aggregate. It is a "magician" to turn waste into treasure and realize green environmental protection. XCMG Research Institute will also go the opposite way after product research and development. In the process, it adheres to the principle and design concept of "environmental protection, safety, reliability, high efficiency, intelligence and energy saving", condenses high-end technologies in the industry, focuses on customer needs, and forms a solution for personalized product customization. The series of construction waste crushing and screening equipment focus on solving the growing shortage of natural sand and gravel resources and the growing problem of construction waste stacking and treatment, turning construction waste into resources, realizing recycling, energy conservation and environmental protection, and striving to create a modern "smart factory" of green and environmental protection for customers

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