The hottest XCMG donated money to the runaway moth

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XCMG donated love to the "runaway mother" and moved the audience

XCMG donated love to the "runaway mother" and moved the audience

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Guide: after the runaway mother yancaixia, who has attracted much attention, was hospitalized, she was always afraid to occupy her son's treatment expenses. The day before yesterday, XCMG Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. donated more than 110000 yuan of love money donated by employees to the strong mother and son. On the contrary, it turned up at the donation site, and we were with you on the screen! Tang Junyu, come on

yancaixia, the "runaway mother who will take an important position in the Silver Jubilee cobalt industry", who has attracted much attention, is always afraid to "occupy" her son's treatment expenses after she is hospitalized. The day before yesterday, XCMG heavy duty company donated more than 110000 yuan of love money donated by employees to the strong mother and son. At the donation site, the words "we are with you! Tang Junyu, come on" were displayed on the screen, which made yancaixia's husband Tang Lifu restless for a long time

after receiving the love donation, yancaixia sent a text message to xuxiaohui, Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG heavy duty company, expressing her thanks: "thanks to your help, I am more confident to overcome the disease and difficulties with my son and the whole family." Yesterday, xuxiaohui said that XCMG group is a big family full of love. Talents are needed to develop a good enterprise, and talents need respect, care and love. What's more, your family faces multiple difficulties and needs our help. The common concern of the enterprise and all of you can be transformed into your courage and strength to overcome difficulties

"although Junyu hasn't worked for a long time, the company's holiday benefits are not without him, which is really touching." Yancaixia said with a smile, "I really want to thank all the kind-hearted people who helped us. Without your help, we would not be today."

in November last year, tangjunyu, his son who had just graduated from University, worked in Xuzhou XCMG group for less than a year, but suddenly got uremia. Yancaixia was eager to jump from a building at the beginning. With the encouragement and help of the people, she lost weight by running wild and provided qualified kidney resources for her son. The whole family worked hard to earn money to raise medical expenses. Trapped in a desperate situation but constantly striving for self-improvement, she was moved by the society's design: the total root mean square value of acceleration is 19.8grms, and the acceleration power spectral density SF meeting was held. All walks of life donated about 200000 yuan. On July 11 this year, after the successful transplant operation in the provincial people's Hospital, one of her kidneys has now worked in the body of her son tangjunyu. However, it was unexpected that yancaixia was hospitalized again due to breast tumor and underwent deformation measurement operation to realize the sample. It was because of the company of good people along the way that she became stronger. Whenever she is free, yancaixia will always open the "love account book", which says "a good person has a safe life". She tells her son and daughter the story of each donation made by a kind person

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