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XCMG excavator helps the construction of power plants in Malaysia. Malaysia is known as the treasure of the Malacca Strait. The island is strange, beautiful and rich in natural resources. In order to further meet the electricity demand of the people, the local government planned to invest in a large thermal power plant project and additional resources. The project was officially started at the end of 2014, with a total construction period of 40 months, in order to provide users in the region with affordable renewable energy. With strong brand influence and excellent product performance, dozens of XCMG equipment have become the main force in the construction of the power plant, and have been involved in the on-site construction in an orderly and tacit manner. XCMG's service engineers stuck to the front line day and night, timely provided training, maintenance and other technical support according to customer needs, and protected the project from the rebound in commodity prices caused by the decline of risk aversion in the market last week. One of the important tasks was to overcome the high-throughput characterization and detection technology, and the comprehensive and considerate service won the high praise of the construction company

XCMG excavator helps Malaysian power plant construction

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