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Home is the harbor of the soul. Everyone wants to have a home, which is inherent in people's sense of belonging. Balcony is an area that is common in families. Balcony air is good, light is good, make full use of the balcony

home is the harbor of the soul. Everyone wants to have a home, which is inherent in people's sense of belonging

balcony is an area that is common in families. The balcony has good air and light. Making full use of the balcony will improve the quality of life and happiness. The balcony is not only for washing machines and drying clothes. The balcony can also have other functions. Today, TINO will share with you how to create a new and practical balcony as soon as the whole house is customized

study style

owning a study in a small family is no longer a luxury. You can use the balcony to build a study. Balcony study does not have to be designed completely according to the standard study design. When the space range does not allow, you can abandon complexity and simplify, create a multi-functional bookcase, and then customize a small table, which can not only work but also store things, and use multiple functions at one stroke. A balcony bookcase is enough to meet the general needs of book collection, and it can also play a decorative role on the balcony

laundry style

continuing the previous understanding of the balcony, most people still refuse to set other functions in the balcony area, or prefer to use it as a laundry and drying area, which is actually OK. Customize a special laundry cabinet, place washing machines, dryers and other equipment below, and set it as a storage cabinet above, which can put some out of season clothes or daily necessities, and also make the best use of everything

window balcony

balcony, you can also change a leisure lifestyle. It is designed as a floating window balcony and customized with a floating window cabinet. Storage and leisure are the same, and the maximum use of space is absolutely the responsibility of home appearance

is your balcony still used to hang clothes and put umbrellas? We should learn to make use of them and easily give them more possibilities with these tools

Tino one room customization is committed to creating a home where your body and mind can be placed




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