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The glass is full of penetrability and has a cool feeling at the same time. Furniture made entirely of glass extends the line of sight infinitely and is the furniture that can expand the space most. Recently, the use of frosted glass and patterned glass on some cabinet doors is more common in the market, so that tall cabinet furniture is not oppressive in space, but also has the effect of expanding space

light color system and warm color system can expand the space and make the space feel larger

in the market, wooden bedding is now the most popular. Bleached oak and black ugwood are very popular. Stable structure and simple shape will be the mainstream direction of bedding design in the future

in the interior design of residential buildings, almost every space has a "design focus". The "design focus" in the bedroom is the bed. The decoration style, layout, color, and decoration of the space should be centered on the bed, and there is really a lot of knowledge about the bed




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