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Wuxi solid wood furniture brand manufacturer customized furniture consulting [qq296290156, Tel 15618392878]

now people are more and more like customizing their own solid wood furniture, especially pure solid wood furniture, but there are always many problems in the customization process. Today, Wuxi Youdao has sorted out some precautions for customizing pure solid wood furniture for everyone

1. There is no doubt that the main cost of customizing pure solid wood furniture is the price of materials. It is very necessary to understand the price and characteristics of some relevant materials before customization, and then you won't suffer a loss

2. Ask about the quotation. When we customize pure solid wood furniture, we'd better talk about the total price with the merchants, and sign a contract if necessary

3. Generally, when we customize pure solid wood furniture, we will customize it according to our own household conditions. It is best to find a business with good manufacturing technology and reputation

Wuxi Youdao pure wood is a furniture customization enterprise with advanced level and first-class talents. Youdao has laid a very solid foundation in the customized furniture market with its own personalized leading design and exquisite and excellent manufacturing technology. Green environmental protection, quality assurance, welcome to call


address: No.8, Jinchang Road, Chang'an Town, Wuxi City

mobile phone: 15618392878

official website http://www.youdaomy.com

point. Most of the selected precious wood, such as cherry wood, walnut, teak, etc. the processed finished door has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks and heat insulation. It is scientifically processed through drying, blanking, planing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, grinding, painting and other processes

solid wood doors are made of logs as the main material to make the door core, which is dried, then processed through blanking, polishing,

solid wood double door

solid wood double door

mortising, drilling and other processes. Logs taken from solid wood doors tree products of Wuxi customized integrated wardrobe manufacturer





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