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On the afternoon of February 27, Guangzhou Shangpin home furnishing Co., Ltd. held an award ceremony for love franchisees of "love Shang plan ・ love school" in Foshan

Guangzhou Shangpin home furnishing Co., Ltd. held the award ceremony of "Aishang plan ・ love school" love franchisees in Foshan on the afternoon of February 27

looking back on the journey of Shangpin home distribution and love franchisees moving forward for love in 2013, I listened to the wishes of love franchisees walking with love, and also witnessed that more and more love franchisees joined the ranks of love. The shining eyes at this moment belong to the plan of Aishang love school; The feeling of this moment belongs to the love franchisees who move forward for love

for ten years, Shangpin home furnishings has focused on the customization of furniture in the whole house, and has been paying attention to the healthy growth of every family, especially children. Shangpin Homestead "love Shang plan love school" series of love public welfare actions are committed to providing practical and long-term care and help for school-age children in poor mountainous areas, and truly improving the school conditions of children in mountainous areas. There is a group of people who take action to protect the dreams of children in mountainous areas; Love makes dreams grow. Looking back on 2013, ”Aishang plan ・ love school "Since March, we have set sail all the way, donated 25 poor schools and 2950 sets of desks and chairs. We have driven a total of more than 20000 kilometers. Love is a continuous force and never get tired of moving forward for love.

we can see that on this road full of love, more and more people join Shangpin's team to walk side by side. More and more franchisees have joined in succession and continue to expand the team; they use love to let children have a better future and let children have a better future Our future is more exciting




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