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The 2015 dealer annual meeting and Marketing Strategy Conference of Xinbiao home appliances came to a perfect end. This annual meeting of dealers took the products and marketing strategy of the combination of windows, doors and wardrobes as its two wings. It can be said that the curtain of "the first year of the brand" of Xinbiao home appliances officially opened

the 2015 dealer conference and Marketing Strategy Conference of new standard home appliances, which has attracted much attention, came to a perfect end. The two-day event is the largest dealer conference with the largest number of participants, the widest coverage and the largest scale since the establishment of Xinbiao home appliances 16 years ago. The whole annual meeting reflects the spirit of manufacturer integration, sincere unity, win-win and common prosperity. The atmosphere of the meeting was unprecedented grand and warm, and the dealers were full of confidence. At the same time, the new standard home Gutianle press conference and the release of innovative marketing strategy brightened the dealers' eyes: many dealers saw the new products in the company's experiential exhibition hall and signed cooperation agreements with the company. This annual meeting of dealers took the high-profile products and marketing strategies of doors, windows and wardrobe combinations as its two wings. It can be said that, The "brand first year" curtain of new home furnishings officially opened

Mr. Huang Dongjiang, chairman and general manager of Xinbiao household, delivered a speech

shaping the height of the brand and seizing the terminal market with marketing innovation

in the words of general manager Huang Dongjiang, Xinbiao brand has changed from a challenger in the past to today's leader. 2015 is a year for Xinbiao to make efforts. As the first year for the combination of doors and windows and wardrobes to occupy the market, 2015 is a key battle for Xinbiao, and Xinbiao household is determined to build the new brand into doors and windows How to build the top three in the domestic market share of the whole house customization industry of wardrobe portfolio has become a market problem that the new bidder urgently needs to solve. To become the top three in market share, we must become the brand that all kinds of consumers love in all levels of markets. Only when the brand has height can it have potential energy, and only when it has potential energy can it go further, deeper and wider. Therefore, the new brand must be based on becoming a first-class brand in all levels of markets. Last year, the third and fourth level market was the best "position" to shape the height of the new brand, and the best place to show the brand image is the exclusive store. The construction of a large and good exclusive store is the best "insertion" positioning method for the brand in the local market. In the future and for a long period of time, the new brand will have a targeted grasp of the market positioning, implement regional differentiated management, comprehensively integrate the existing resources of the company, and allocate a special investment promotion team, Through information collection, exhibitions, regional local investment promotion and other forms of investment promotion activities of blank outlets, investment promotion is also a marketing focus of the new standard to further improve the terminal's business model and develop new sales extension points. At the same time, I also call on all dealers to recommend aspiring people to join us to jointly expand and strengthen the local market, which is also our common responsibility, so the company must be in the first The secondary market has more than 10 stores with an area of more than 500 square meters; 3、 Relying on the product portfolio of doors, windows and wardrobes, the fourth level market will shape the new brand with the height of a first-class brand in the local market, with a construction area of more than 200 square meters and 500 standardized franchised stores, so as to maintain the harmony with the brands in the first and second level markets, and build more stores. This is also an important marketing work for the new brand in the next three to five years

Xinbiao home trainer yuan Renfeng explains the training system

carry out blasting promotional activities with terminals to promote win-win for manufacturers in an all-round way

the market pattern in 2015 is obviously that activities drive sales. 2015 is both an opportunity and a challenge for Xinbiao home. Xinbiao company will set up a special planning and promotion team to assist dealers across the country to carry out a series of local promotional activities such as different industry alliances and brand alliances, The company will also formulate an annual activity plan according to the needs of each dealer, such as carrying out activities such as purchasing home for free travel, real estate and community promotion, factory linked group purchase, etc. This requires a strong alliance between the company and dealers to drive the healthy development of the regional market with activities

Fu Jiangwei, sales director of Xinbiao household, explained the 2015 sales plan

introduce elite talents and establish Xinbiao Business School

as the saying goes: those who get talents win the world, and talents are the core competitiveness of enterprise development. In 2015, the new standard will strengthen the key introduction of professionals, further consolidate the structure of professionals in all project departments and posts, and focus on cultivating a group of professionals who meet the development strategy of the new standard. Establish the new standard business school and introduce a group of professional training instructors. Our goal is to cultivate enterprise management into "generalists", business personnel and terminal shopping guides into "professionals", front-line employees into "talents", and finally build an active, exciting and efficient talent team suitable for enterprise growth; Attract capable and potential talents to join the new bid. It can be said that the construction of Xinbiao business school is the necessary guarantee for the sustainable and long-term development of Xinbiao home and the construction of talent echelon

Huang Dongjiang, chairman and general manager of Xinbiao household, was interviewed by Guangzhou TV station

create (prefecture level) model markets and radiate regional market development

in 2015, the company selected 3-5 prefecture level regional model markets nationwide. The company will not only enjoy the company's contract policies, but also provide advertising resources, brand resources, customer resources Channel resources and other comprehensive support. "Prefecture level regional model market" is initiated by the company, which encourages dealers in all regions of the country to cooperate in the form of an alliance with all dealers in several cities (counties) in a certain region to carry out on-site blasting household group purchase and promotion activities at the same time and at the same place. It is a kind of business activities carried out by dealers in a certain range and scale, such as: there are certain group purchase places, group purchase prices Group purchase time and theme

2015 group photo of new standard home furnishing dealers




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