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On December 15, 2010, the World Health Organization released a report on indoor air quality standards at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. This is the first time who has published quantitative standards for indoor air toxic substances that have an impact on health, providing a basis for countries around the world to formulate relevant regulations

so far, there is a new quantitative reference standard for indoor decoration pollution! Indoor air quality and indoor air pollution have always been one of the concerns about decoration pollution in the process of interior decoration design. Moreover, there has been no relevant worldwide standard content for a long time. The report published by the World Health Organization, entitled "indoor air quality guidelines", provides a new quantitative reference standard for the later air quality inspection in indoor decoration pollution, and is an important reference report for the home decoration and indoor design industry

who reported that the sources of indoor air pollution mainly come from four aspects, such as cement, paint, paint, furniture and other construction and building materials, household appliances and other indoor equipment, as well as soot and waste gas generated during heating and cooking. The chemical pollutants in indoor air mainly include benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, radon, trichloroethylene and other nine substances. In this report, benzene, which is widely used in building materials, especially paint release materials, has the most destructive effect on human health. The report said that benzene can cause cancer, especially the high incidence of leukemia, and its small amount will cause harm. There is no safety level of exposure that can be recommended, that is, benzene should not exist in a safe environment. In second place is carbon monoxide. The safety standard given in the WHO report is 7 mg per cubic meter of air, with a time limit of 24 hours. Excess carbon monoxide may lead to decreased exercise ability and increased risk of ischemic heart disease. Formaldehyde ranks third. The safety standard set in the report is 0.1 mg per cubic meter, and the time limit is 30 minutes. Excess or overtime will damage lung function, and may suffer from nasopharyngeal carcinoma and leukemia. The report also gives standards for the limits and time limits of several other chemicals, and lists the specific effects of each chemical on the body

as a part of modern life, indoor decoration, home soft decoration accessories, bathroom building materials, etc., how to better do a good job of indoor decoration pollution and indoor air pollution caused by the design of decoration building materials and furniture? With years of accumulated experience in the decoration industry, I would like to remind you:

open the window for ventilation not less than twice a day, each time not less than 15 minutes, use air purifiers, prohibit smoking indoors, place appropriate plants, use dehumidifiers, etc. Of course, it is also recommended that you do more outdoor activities when the weather is fine. And in the process of house decoration, use more environmentally friendly decoration materials; During each decoration step of decoration, do a good job in home decoration supervision, and look for professional decoration supervisors without decoration knowledge; If you don't have time or energy experience for indoor home decoration, you can find a good decoration agent or an excellent decoration trusteeship manager, which can well ensure the decoration quality and minimize the decoration pollution hazards

there is another point, that is, if there are problems or unclear areas in the decoration, we must learn more and ask more questions, including the decoration classes of professional decoration websites, all kinds of people with decoration experience (managers of home decoration companies, decoration constructors, decoration designers, decoration supervisors, etc.) All kinds of service providers in the home decoration industry (decoration supervision companies, environmental management companies, home intelligent systems companies, home decoration supervisors, decoration trusteeship managers, etc.) can also go to professional decoration forums, decoration interactive spaces, etc





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