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On May 25, the five-day China big data industry summit and China e-commerce innovation and Development Summit (hereinafter referred to as the digital Expo) will be held in Guiyang. As an important part of this Expo, the topic forum of artificial intelligence meeting big data, which has attracted much attention from the industry, will be grandly held in the afternoon of May 26. The forum is hosted by the Organizing Committee of the digital Expo and the Chinese society of artificial intelligence, and jointly organized by the core partners of the digital Expo, small I robot and the heart of machine

hosted by the national development and Reform Commission and the Guizhou provincial government, this Expo takes the domestic and foreign first-class conferences regardless of economic status as the benchmark, adopts the conference structure of opening conference + professional forum, and highlights the internationalization, high standard, high-level and authoritative characteristics of the digital Expo. As the highlight of the digital fair, the artificial intelligence meets big data theme forum was held at 14:00 on May 26, which gathered many domestic and foreign elites in the artificial intelligence industry. It can be called the Huashan sword in the field of artificial intelligence. It is worth mentioning that all the keynote speakers are well-known leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and big data, and have made a lot of achievements in their respective research fields

yangfangchun, executive vice president of the Chinese society of artificial intelligence, will deliver a speech at the forum

professor dujiangfeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dean of the school of physics of the University of science and technology of China, and the first Chinese professor engaged in quantum computing experiments, will deliver a keynote speech on Quantum Revolution: from alphago to quantum artificial intelligence. Dujiangfeng is a distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of education, a winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, a chief scientist of major national scientific research projects, one of the first batch of young and middle-aged scientific and technological innovation leading talents selected in the ten thousand talents plan of the national new material industry, and a national candidate for the new century hundred thousand talents project

professor Xingbo, the world's top AI expert, the international technical expert of large-scale machine learning, and known as a research madman, will also come to the scene to share his views on the path, direction and future of artificial intelligence. Xingbo is a professor of the school of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, director of the machine learning and medical center, visiting professor at Stanford University, and visiting scientist at Facebook. Fellow of the American Society for artificial intelligence. It enjoys a high reputation in the field of artificial intelligence

hanseok Ko, director of Korea big data association, who is a professor at the school of electronic engineering, Korea University, director of intelligent signal processing laboratory, chairman of Korea acoustic society and a member of the British Society of engineering technology, was also invited to the forum to share the theme of "natural interaction between machines and people"

Zhu frequently, founder, President and CTO of xiaoi robot, will deliver a speech on the "positive cycle between artificial intelligence and industrial application". Zhu frequently has been specialized in the research and development and industrial application of the core intelligent interaction technology of artificial intelligence. He has successively invented dozens of scientific and technological patented products, such as chat robot system, SMS robot system, human-computer interaction technology and automatic customer service equipment, He is a member of the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee. At present, the industrial application practice of small I robots is shared all over the world

in addition: Robert weideman, global executive vice president and general manager of enterprise business unit of nuance, the world's largest voice manufacturer; Zhou Zhen, business development manager of IBM (but there is no fixed functional relationship between them) Investment Co., Ltd. and mark day, general manager of government industry of Microsoft global utilities department, will also attend the forum and deliver a keynote speech

it can be seen that the speech themes of the forum guests are full of dry goods, including both academic theory discussion and industrial application practice. The wonderful content should not be missed. In addition, the forum will also have a topic discussion session. The guests, the on-site media and the audience will have an all-round and in-depth discussion on the most popular topics in the field of artificial intelligence. I believe it will present a brainstorming on the forefront of the field of artificial intelligence

it is also understood that xiaoi robot will hold a product conference during the digital fair to launch China's most powerful brain cloud intelligent platform 2.0, and jointly launch a new generation of intelligent IVR solution with nuance, the world's largest voice manufacturer due to the good control performance and experimental accuracy of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine

when big data meets artificial intelligence, it is destined to bring changes to the times. At present, China is in the economic and social background of industrial structure adjustment and population aging. There is a huge demand for the application of artificial intelligence in various industries. It will be a general trend for artificial intelligence to serve subdivided industries and social public utilities in the future. At this time, the 2016 digital fair artificial intelligence forum will also be based on the height of industry development and industrial demand. The changes brought about by big data in artificial intelligence will be one of the highlights of the Guiyang digital fair

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