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IBERICA Ag aibulika automatic vertical molding machine

mainly small and medium-sized private enterprises aibulika is a professional manufacturer of automatic molding machines in the printing field, aiming to provide and produce highly competitive high-quality products. At present, more than 1000 sets of automatic molding machines are in use all over the world. Its success stems from continuous technology development and training of high-quality teams

equipment model: srk-144 technical features:

1 Automatic Feida for pallet direct loading

2. Automatic side movement of Feida platform

3. Pre installed air curtain device

4. Main performance and characteristics of ring stiffness testing machine automatic non-stop system

5. Automatically or manually adjust the flying head and the top of the paper stack respectively

6. The Feida platform is equipped with: an anti-static board, double paper monitors, five conveyor belts, two side layer push-pull systems, and four front layers with photoelectric eyes, which automatically adjust the time when the paper reaches the front layer

7. It is supported by heavy steel casting with a maximum working pressure of 600tm, two formwork frames, two 3mm thick shear plates, and a PLC display screen that is easy to control in production

8. In order to facilitate waste removal, the demoulding device is equipped with: a cross bar and processed upper demoulding plate, a quick locking system for motherboard, a cross bar and processed bottom demoulding plate, and an electronic lifting upper demoulding plate

9. The blank separation stamping device is equipped with: a cross bar and the upper stripping plate for processing, a universal plate with a cross bar, a support arm for the universal processing plate, an automatic non-stop system, automatic insertion of crossed paper, an automatic storage and feeding device for crossed paper with leakage paper monitoring, an automatic discharge device for quality control without demoulding and stamping paper, a conveyor roller and a waste cleaning conveyor belt that take out the mold and install it in the empty position

main technical parameters:

automatic molding with stamping device, model: IBERICA lock vanadium raw material supply rk-144

format 1040 × 1440 mm

varioplayer system

maximum speed 7500 sheets/hour

maximum pressure 600tm

die cutting material paper 90 ~ 100 GSM (according to quality)

paperboard 1.5 mm

corrugated paper 4mm

equipment model: jrk-105 varioplan system

technical features:

1 Feida of the conveying system automatically separates the paper and smoothly and continuously conveys it to the conveying table. Single paper is positioned in the book clip. Nine book clip rods are accurately transferred to the flat press for die cutting and indentation. The photoelectric eye system and electronic devices control the paper, monitor and ensure the trouble free operation of the machine

2. Automatic non-stop Feida can handle a very wide range of materials - from paper to 3mm thick corrugated board. Machine conversion is fast and simple. The dual sheet monitor ensures that the paper is accurately transferred to the tray

3. The paper is conveyed horizontally from Feida to the paper feed table. The paper feeding table is made of anti-static stainless steel. Equipped with four anti-static conveyor belts. The side stop gauge can fit all sizes of paper and feed the paper to the calibration guide

4. Next to the paper feeding table is the main control panel, which displays the machine status with lights and indicates the fault position of the machine

5. The specially made castings and high-quality materials of the molded part ensure its long service life and stability at work. The maximum pressure can reach 300tm, accurate to 1/100mm, and can be adjusted by hand wheel. The moving lower pressure plate moves vertically under the four elbow bars of the varioplan system, creating a large and smooth pressure. The center line system quickly sets the alignment profile in the frame

colorant migration (decolorization) was found in some samples

technical parameters:

maximum paper size 750 × 1050 mm

minimum paper size 350 × 400 mm

minimum paper thickness gsm

maximum paperboard thickness 1.5 mm

maximum corrugated paperboard thickness 3.0 mm

maximum operating pressure 300 tm

maximum speed 8500 sheets/hour

variable speed main motor 15kw

required air pressure 6kg/cm2

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