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IBM cloud computing year-end review: company is the longest love confession

2015 is coming, and the new year is about to begin. IBM cloud computing has also gone through ups and downs with China's Internet + tide and developed side by side with Chinese enterprises. Happy new year 2016

company is the longest love confession; Staying together is the most firm answer

apart from the international achievements of IBM cloud computing, what new progress has been made in China? We have specially summarized IBM's memorabilia of China this year and recorded all the details:

1 in January, IBM launched the cloud computing experience week

ibm cloud computing experience week, which was solemnly unveiled in Beijing on January, 2015. It developers, as the mainstay of the cutting-edge technology, urgently need to release their own value to develop new continuous industries to cope with changes and challenges. On January 27, the developer experience day was unveiled. The conference focused on hot topics such as big data, mobile, open source, continuous software delivery, cloud development and cloud deployment, and explored the way of future development in the cloud era with many elites. At the same time, IBM has set up a special session for entrepreneurial enterprises and enterprise developers to provide innovation support for entrepreneurial enterprises with more resources; By adhering to the innovative technologies and trends of the cloud, we will bring personal cloud development experience to enterprise developers

In April, IBM announced that it would invest $3billion to build an IOT business unit and create an open platform based on cloud computing to help customers and ecosystem partners build IOT solutions

in June, IBM made a strong landing at the Beijing National Convention Center at the influential event in the cloud computing field, the 7th China Cloud Computing Conference

douglasm, global general manager of powersystems, IBM systems department. Balog delivered a vivid speech with the theme of IBM's cloud leading future. Starting with customer cases, Balog deeply analyzed and expounded the value advantages and powerful capabilities of IBM's hybrid cloud, and how IBM's hybrid cloud helped customers realize digital transformation. The vivid speech attracted continuous applause

in August, mysterious celebrities arrived. At the 2015ibm cloud computing developer conference, technology and VC celebrities attended this IBM cloud computing developer conference. Christopherferris formally joined IBM in 2002. He is an outstanding engineer of IBM. He is now the chief technology officer of IBM open cloud; Mr. Wang Qiang, who is known as the troika of New Oriental together with YuMinHong and xuxiaoping; Ms. huanghaiyan, CEO of techcode Technology Entrepreneurship Development Co., Ltd; Mr. Xuchen, who has won the annual new venture capitalist and star venture capitalist under the age of 40 and other awards

In September, IBM created a blue cloud computing alliance to help IDC enterprises and cloud enterprises transform and build a complete cloud ecosystem. On September 24, the founding ceremony of ibmpmc user alliance was officially held! IBM experts and industry elites gathered together to witness the arrival of this moment! The conference attracted more than 50 IDC industry decision makers. Most of the guests at the meeting expressed strong interest in the MPMC user alliance plan that IB's performance is better than that of low-carbon automobile steel. Cloud computing will completely change the original business model of enterprises in a short time in the future. We hope that based on this, we can further communicate with IBM experts and believe that this plan has a far-reaching impact on the IDC field. The partners will rapidly expand the market scale through the sales of lanmeng

In October, ibmbluemix cloud platform and 21vianet landed in China

in October, IBM announced that bluemix, the world's leading cloud computing platform, was officially introduced into China. This time, bluemix landed in China again with IDC service provider 21vianet. This cooperation will lead Chinese enterprises and developers into a more efficient hybrid cloud innovation era and promote the development of a new generation of cognitive computing, big data and IOT applications

In December, IBM released the local version of bluemix

on December 1, IBM announced the release of the local version of bluemix innovative cloud platform (bluemixlocal), thereby further promoting IBM's hybrid cloud capabilities to the Chinese market. Bluemi last storage method X local version (bluemixlocal) can help enterprises build various applications safely and quickly, and flexibly deploy these applications in public cloud, private cloud and local environment

the new year has begun! IBM cloud computing will continue to work hard to create excellent products and services. In the coming years, we will still be with Chinese users for a long time

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