The hottest IBM joins forces with network security

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IBM teamed up with the security "unicorn" to challenge Amazon cloud services

ibm executives obviously hope that through this cooperation, IBM cloud can become a stronger competitor of Amazon cloud services

ibm will join hands with San Francisco technology start-up cloudflare, which is valued at US $1 billion, to provide cloud computing customers with a new set of network security products

ibm executives obviously hope that through this cooperation, IBM cloud can become a more powerful competitor of Amazon Web services (AWS), which is the leader in cloud computing. After the cooperation, IBM can outsource a variety of information technology security functions to cloud flare, and authorize cloudflare to contact IBM's customer base by signing a distributor agreement

johnconsdain, IBM's general manager in charge of cloud infrastructure, told fortune that product tying will greatly simplify the work of end users. He said that after the integration of products, it is easy for IBM customers to add cloudflare's network security products, including tools to defend against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and firewalls to filter malicious Internet traffic

matthewprince, co-founder and CEO of cloudflare, said that in the future, when IBM customers use IBM cloud Internet services, they can use cloudflare by clicking the button on the dashboard interface most of the time. Relevant functions are scheduled to be launched on March 19 this year

this is the third third third-party reseller agreement signed between cloudflare and large cloud providers in recent years. Previously, the company has entered into similar cooperation with Google cloud, a Google cloud computing service, and azure, a Microsoft cloud computing platform (please note that cloudflare does not cooperate with Amazon)

when explaining the reasons for partnering with IBM, Chris Merritt, chief revenue officer of cloudflare, said that the simplest way to push a product in the market is to let customers buy it through existing business relationships, just as customers buy products with IBM for a long time

in Dallas, Texas, IBM cloud data center. According to the report released by synergy research group, a market research company in Reno, Nevada, in February this year, IBM is currently the third largest cloud provider, with a market share of about 8% at the end of 2017. Amazon still supports 38 key products such as large CNC gantry machine tools and vertical 5-axis machining centers to reach the international advanced level, but it occupies the top spot in the cloud computing market, with a market share of about one third and Microsoft's market share of about 13%

ibm cloudflare's lithium demand corresponding to Tesla Model3 was 2964 tons and 11400 tons. Not long before, IBM just announced that it had achieved revenue growth for the first time in a long time, reversing the continuous downward trend in the past 22 quarters. The announcement of this transaction coincided with the emergence of a large number of DDoS attacks in the industry, targeting businesses with a large number of false Internet traffic and targeting web servers

prince said that preventing businesses from such attacks is the basic function provided by cloudflare. After the emergence of the DDoS powerful attack method last month, cloudflare is also one of the first companies to call attention to encourage children to move before, during and after class. After all, what suits them is the most important

he said: (it is precisely because we have insight into opportunities) that we can help enterprises do a good job in defense

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