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On October 15, IBM and SAP announced this week that they would cooperate in the cloud computing field to cope with the new generation of competitors

ibm will allow sap to use its data center. SAP will be able to release its Hana Enterprise Cloud database and platform to customers through these data centers

this cooperation will bring new cloud computing business revenue to IBM, so as to cope with the declining trend of hardware demand. In the past nine quarters, IBM's hardware business revenue continued to decline. At the same time, SAP will gain certain scale and flexibility to release software through the Internet in a way similar to that of competitors and workday to help customers save costs and solve the problem of server maintenance

kevin ichhp "URANI, senior vice president of sap and head of business development and strategic ecosystem, said: more and more customers want to run these key applications in the cloud computing environment, so as to reduce the cost of ownership and enhance the business flexibility and the quiet activity of shipping activities in Southeast Asia. Given the growth in demand, we need to respond more quickly

the cooperation with IBM enables sap to provide Hana products through the cloud computing environment without paying attention to the construction of the data center. These data centers must comply with the relevant regulatory provisions on data and information security. Iqiplani said that the software released through cloud computing will be launched in a limited range in the fourth quarter, and the full launch will wait until next year

when enterprises turn to cloud computing mode, software and data will be saved in remote servers instead of autonomous servers. In the past, many software was sold through the authorization mode, and customers paid for the software authorization at one time, so that they could use the software unlimited within a certain period of time. In the cloud computing mode, enterprises pay by use, so customers can save costs and reduce total expenses

ibm failed to catch up with the development speed of the cloud computing industry, so IBM CEO Ginni rometty acquired softlayer technologies in mold manufacturing in 2013 to rebuild the cloud computing business. This year, she promised to invest $1.2 billion to strengthen data centers and products, so as to better compete with Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle for customers

erich Clementi, senior vice president of IBM Global technical services, said: the capabilities we have built, including softlayer and its worldwide release, are bringing success

however, IBM's cloud computing business had an annual revenue turnover rate of only $2.8 billion in the second quarter, accounting for a small part of IBM's total revenue of $100billion last year. So we can choose a more suitable 3D printing design to produce the bracket. IBM declined to disclose how much revenue the cooperation with SAP will bring to the company

on the other hand, SAP CEO Bill McDermott is facing similar challenges. As the growth of traditional financial and management software slows down, SAP hopes to increase revenue from network-based enterprise software. Sap is investing in this

last month, SAP purchased concur technologies, an enterprise travel software provider, for $7.4 billion, which is the largest acquisition in SAP's history over the past 42 years. In the past few years, most of SAP's independent R & D work has focused on Hana products

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