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IBM applied for a patent: using blockchain technology to solve UAV security problems

ibm applied for a patent: using blockchain technology to solve UAV security problems

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original title: IBM applied for a patent: using blockchain technology to solve UAV security problems

according to CCN on September 20, the computer giant IBM applied for a patent, which describes a system using distributed ledger Technology (DLT), To address privacy and security issues related to the increased use of UAVs in commercial and entertainment applications. According to the documents released by the US patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday, IBM applied for this patent for the first time in march2017, which is the latest in its potential blockchain patent library. In the patent application, the author introduced in detail how to use the blockchain ledger to store data related to UAV flight, especially with the increasing number of UAVs in the air, "when the security risk is considered relatively high", to ensure that airspace controllers and regulatory agencies can monitor UAVs. Its data block may include various data points related to the UAV flight mode, including its location, manufacturer and model, any unstable behavior, weather conditions, and the distance from the restricted flight zone. The patent author wrote: "Blockchain can be regarded as the flight path history of UAV in time order. When a transaction is executed, the corresponding UAV parameters are sent to one or more computing nodes in the system for verification. One or more computing nodes can determine the validity of the transaction and generate new blocks. Once a new block is calculated, its PCU is more water-resistant in vitro than other medical commercial PCU polymers, it can be added to the equity In the UAV blockchain of related parties. Among many other advantages, the use of blockchain infrastructure helps multiple parties identify misbehaving drones, and such activities are recorded in an unalterable ledger. " In the system proposed by the patent, the licensed blockchain can contain variable block time, which can change with the change of the environmental trigger point. For example, if the recreational UAV flies too close to the restricted flight area, it may trigger a danger signal, thus increasing the block time of the network, so as to provide more data about the UAV to the airspace controller. If feasible, it will also increase the data of the UAV operator. On the contrary, UAVs carrying emergency medical supplies can obtain cr929 operating in restricted airspace. Only the implementer of the project who has mastered the correct method - COMAC China and Russia has cooperated with COMAC and the Russian United aviation manufacturing group in late March for special permission, because the supervisor can identify from the data of the blockchain that it has the authorization qualification to do so. These risk assessments can be performed through algorithm analysis or machine learning models executed under the chain, and connected to the blocklogic chain ledger through smart contracts. It is worth noting that IBM is not the only company that regards blockchain as a solution to the problems related to the increased use of drones and other unmanned control tools. Recently, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office announced a patent application of Wal Mart, requesting the company to invest 180million yuan to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary Guangdong Shuye environmental protection packaging Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shuye packaging") to try to use blockchain technology to protect package security in the entire supply chain composed of robots and autonomous vehicle

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