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IBM and Siemens release integrated solutions

Beijing, 20 conference time: June 19, 2009 - IBM (nyse:ibm) and Siemens PLM Software, the world's leading product lifecycle management (PLM) software and service provider, today announced that the two sides will jointly launch new solutions to improve the management of products in the whole life cycle, It includes the planning and recovery from the design and selection of experimental methods to the end of product life, and simplifies the sharing process of key product data and manufacturing planning

with the increasing complexity of products and the increasing number of global suppliers and manufacturers, enterprises need a highly intelligent and well connected framework to support the accurate sharing of millions of data in the design and manufacturing process of machinery, software and electronic components, whether it is aircraft, ships, global positioning system and mobile

using IBM's product development integration framework (PDIF) as a development platform and main integration environment, Siemens has launched a new platform based on its Teamcenter? Product lifecycle management software portfolio and out of the box solutions for IBM WebSphere and information management (DB2) technologies. PDIF also enables broader integration between Teamcenter and the rational software platform for system

in addition, IBM and Siemens will jointly launch a series of comprehensive service businesses, including consulting and implementation, system integration and application hosting

michael Wheeler, vice president of IBM PLM and supply chain solutions, pointed out: "As the industry's first PDIF ready to use platform that closely integrates IBM middleware solutions, Teamcenter of Siemens PLM Software will save customers the acquisition cost and life cycle cost of PLM Software. By adopting a flexible software environment, enterprises can combine key PLM business processes with technical force measurement methods and high-precision load sensor force measurement schemes, so as to manage the product life cycle in a structured way."

michael Burkett, chief industry analyst and vice president of AMR research, pointed out: "For information technology teams, this means easier deployment and technical support. For business users from product development to supply chain, this means faster information acquisition and more optimized performance, so as to provide collaborative support for their global product development. This technical certification has a very profound influence. At present, the optimized Teamcenter PLM can run on IBM applications including WebSphere and DB2 Medium. "

it is a challenge for many enterprises to ensure the accurate sharing of massive data and design solutions among all interested parties throughout the product life cycle. With the open computing flexibility of IBM service-oriented architecture (SOA) and PDIF solutions, enterprises can successfully meet these challenges. The combination of PLM and SOA can allow multiple systems to reuse business services and absorb new technologies, such as web-based collaboration in the product supply chain, so as to gradually help enterprises establish, expand and transform their existing infrastructure

chuck grindstaff, executive vice president and technical director of product department of Siemens PLM Software, said: "One of the important benefits of the solution released today is that customers will not have to choose between IBM and Siemens when choosing the best PLM solution for their enterprises. These enterprises can now have the performance and reliability of IBM middleware, and can also enjoy the scalability and instant access to product information that 95% of their output will be shipped to Teamcenter through pipelines to China. This combination can bring Unique advantages that enable it to meet its customers' growing demand for sustainable products. "

ibm and Siemens PLM Software also work closely with the IBM business partner network to provide PLM solutions for small and medium-sized enterprise customers. In addition, the two sides will continue to optimize the Siemens PLM Software Application to make it compatible with IBM servers and storage devices, so as to continuously enhance the joint solution

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