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May 8 is world smile day. People who love to laugh will not have bad luck. Novi family customized wood light star series throughout the house, decrypting the beauty secret of the home and protecting the smile of the family

May 8 is world smile day. It is said that people who love to laugh will not have bad luck

The famous poet Tagore once said, "when a person smiles, the world will fall in love with him. Open your eyes every day, you can see a window of sunshine, please smile, this is the gift of life, the world has not abandoned you. The real wealth is actually the smile on your face."

smile, a very simple action, just slightly raise the corners of your mouth, but people can get endless power from it. If we all grin, we will go to hell if we are unhappy

there are three thousand things in the world, with an indifferent smile

a gentle smile may be able to resolve all dissatisfaction and revive a depressed heart. Knowing how to smile means knowing how to live

however, when you fight alone, when you have been hit by life, when you have been wronged, and when you wander in difficulties in the face of the injustice of fate and the cruelty of society, are you about to forget to smile? But we all know that there is always a safe haven in our hearts, that is home

a warm home always gives people infinite power to fight against the unhappiness in life. Therefore, we should strive to build a warm nest and a warm home with a smile when we think of it

Novi family's Wood light star series saves the home of no laughter, decrypts the beauty secret of home, and makes you smile when you go home

wood light star

this space uses light yellow as the main color of the design, and uses simple lines to create the space. Classic colors fill it with warm and comfortable colors

simple and extraordinary, extravagant and noble. A touch of bright color can ignite life, and a skim of clarity can teach you to enjoy life

a design is not instantly eye-catching, but elegant, meaningful and refreshing. With the most concise design method to create a fresh style, with simple modeling to highlight the brilliance of the material itself

the semi open design, with simple appearance, fashionable and novel, is an interpretation of inspiration + creation, allowing people to integrate into it and experience the infinite vitality generated by cultural intersection and collision

the warm color makes us have a quiet sky in addition to our busy life

the power of a smile, in any time and space, reaches the heart. At the same time, smiling is also the best privilege in the world

Novi family has been a "family" for 20 years, and the quality of home decoration is built for you! Your smile is our biggest gain! When you smile, you are so good-looking. Smile!

let's write a smile on our face, bring sincerity and warmth to others, and pour harmonious flowers with a smile




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