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With the Spring Festival approaching, many citizens plan to use this holiday to decorate their new houses, or "transform" their old houses for a "decoration year"

case introduction: Mr. Song is a white-collar worker of a company in Beijing. Six months ago, he bought a new house in the suburbs of Beijing by installment. Immediately, he was busy with the decoration. After comparing several decoration companies, he chose a relatively formal home decoration company. At the recommendation of the company, he chose the way of set meal, that is, the home decoration company uniformly designed and configured building materials. It's tempting to choose a set meal and enjoy a 20% discount. After signing the decoration contract with the home decoration company, Mr. Song felt that everything was all right and looked forward to moving into his new house as soon as possible

when the decoration was completed and the payment was to be settled, Mr. Song found that the settlement payment was more than 4000 yuan higher than the price of the original package. In this regard, the home decoration company explained that in the decoration process of the house, there was an additional item, and the cost was naturally higher. And take out the contract signed at the beginning, which clearly states that the additional items that are more than the set meal should be calculated according to the actual amount. But Mr. Song couldn't figure out how much it actually cost

what is more unacceptable to Mr. Song is that several months after the decoration, there has been an endless strange smell in the room. However, the home decoration company took the original contract as the basis, saying that the main and auxiliary materials used in the whole project were all regular brands, which were also recognized by Mr. Song. It was impossible to produce strange smell, and refused to bear responsibility

according to the reporter, the investigation of Beijing Consumers' Association shows that the disputes caused by the fraud of home decoration contract account for more than 80% of the home decoration disputes. Mr. Liu Zong, an insider in the home decoration industry, told reporters that it has become a top priority for consumers to better safeguard their legitimate rights and interests by using decoration contracts. If you want to make good use of the contract and sign the contract, you must understand the common traps and ambushes in the current home decoration contract. Introduced by Mr. Liu Zong, the reporter met Lao Xu, who once took charge of a famous home decoration company. Now, he has switched to building materials business. Lao Xu told the reporter all the facts in the home decoration contract

1, "warranty" can't be taken lightly

Lao Xu said that in the decoration contract, "project acceptance" includes the content of "warranty". The warranty period varies from one to three years. But in fact, as long as there is no quality problem when the decoration is completed, the substantive significance of warranty is not great. Because once there are problems in the project, it is difficult to define what causes them. For example, if the owner's door cracks, the home decoration company will say that it is because the home environment is too dry. It will even put the responsibility on the building materials business

although some contracts now also stipulate that the owner will pay the quality deposit (i.e. the final payment) after the warranty period. However, this part of the payment usually accounts for only 5% of the project payment. In fact, the home decoration company has already collected this money from other places. Even if something goes wrong and the owner refuses to pay the quality deposit, the home decoration company will not suffer much loss, and the matter will end like this

2. The hidden organ of "additional items"

in the home decoration contract, there is generally such an agreement: except for the additional items caused by the construction party, the owner shall bear the cost of the items modified and increased by the owner. Lao Xu said that home decoration companies often use this clause to exploit loopholes and charge fees indiscriminately. For example, in the reconstruction of sewer pipes, only the price of water pipes is indicated, but not how many pipes need to be used

finally, how much is actually used can only be said by the home decoration company. For wires buried in the wall, it is more likely to happen. In addition, there is a situation that some owners take the initiative to request additional designs in order to personalize the room. Originally, the owner's practice of increasing the project will break the overall style of the room, but the home decoration company will not stop it in order to charge more additional fees

3. Self purchased building materials become a burden

generally, the owners will be more cautious about the building materials purchased by home decoration companies. The brand and manufacturer will be strictly reviewed and noted in the contract. But he was careless about the building materials he bought, leaving a handle on the home decoration company. Lao Xu said that if the owner purchases building materials and other decoration materials by himself, it is necessary to indicate the serial number, name, manufacturer, variety, specification, quantity and other contents of the product in the contract. Some owners feel that there is no problem with the things they purchase, so they don't specify them in the contract, giving the home decoration company an opportunity to take advantage of it. Once there is a problem, the home decoration company will shirk its responsibility accordingly, saying that there is a problem with the building materials purchased by the owner

4. Vague words cause trouble

in the decoration contract, there are some vague statements, and the identification of responsibility has brought hidden dangers. For example, Mr. Song was dumbfounded by "calculating expenses according to the actual amount incurred", etc. Lao Xu said, "calculating expenses according to the actual amount incurred" is a very wet concept. What is the actual amount incurred is not easy to define. On the one hand, the owner cannot limit the construction losses of workers. On the other hand, the calculation of labor costs of workers is not unified. Some people pay by head, and some people pay by project working hours. It is difficult for the owner to accurately grasp how many workers have worked for how long

Lao Xu finally reminded that the owner should be careful when signing the home decoration contract, clearly agree on all possible problems, and should not be confused by a lot of terms. If you are really busy, you can also consider seeking the help of the supervision company





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