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With the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption concepts and consumption patterns are also quietly changing, especially in home decoration, the trend of integration is becoming more and more obvious

with the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption concepts and consumption patterns are also quietly changing, especially in home decoration, the trend of integration is becoming more and more obvious. Nowadays, the whole cabinet is common, and the integrated ceiling is the solution for the top of home kitchens, bathrooms and other parts that have developed rapidly in recent years. At present, the ceiling has gypsum, PVC, metal and other materials, and the process design is also ever-changing. The integrated ceiling leads home fashion consumption. In the market, the ceiling is colorful and complicated. What problems should be paid attention to when selecting? A few days ago, the reporter visited and investigated this

metal integrated ceiling becomes a bright spot

gypsum board is a new type of ceiling decoration material widely used at present, which has good decorative effect and sound-absorbing performance. Cast gypsum decorative board and paper decorative sound-absorbing board are commonly used. The cast gypsum decorative board has the characteristics of light weight, moisture-proof, no deformation, fire prevention and flame retardancy. It has the advantages of convenient construction, good processing performance, sawing, nailing, planing and bonding

there is also a ceiling made of PVC plastic gusset plate. It is characterized by taking PVC as raw material and processed into tongue and groove profile. It has the characteristics of light weight, simple installation, waterproof and moisture-proof, moth proof and so on. The color and pattern on its surface also changes a lot, and it is pollution-resistant, easy to clean, sound insulation and heat insulation. In particular, flame-retardant materials are added in the new process, so that it can be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire, and it is safer to use. It has low cost and good decorative effect, so it occupies an important position in the ceiling materials for home decoration, and has become the leading material for ceilings in toilets, kitchens, lavatories, balconies and so on

metal ceiling is the most popular product in kitchen and bathroom at present. Its price is more expensive than gypsum, PVC and other materials, but its advantage is to integrate multiple functions and decoration. Gypsum and PVC suspended ceilings are generally distributed in the decorative material market, while metal suspended ceilings are mainly distributed in home shopping malls. In dashangjiajia square, there are brands such as AIA integrated ceiling, OPP bath roof, vatti, ChuChu, etc

according to insiders, compared with traditional ceiling materials, metal ceiling is better in texture and decorative sense, which can be divided into sound-absorbing plate and decorative plate (without holes). According to the acoustic principle, the sound absorption plate uses various metal plates with different perforation rates to eliminate noise. According to the needs, there are different hole types such as round hole, square hole, oblong hole, rectangular hole, triangular hole, size combination hole, etc. the bottom plate is mostly white or aluminum. Another kind of metal decorative board, which pays special attention to decoration, has simple and smooth lines, beautiful shape and elegant color, including bronze, gold, red and blue, milk white and other colors

the material types of metal decorative plates include aluminum, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. the decorative plates made of copper and stainless steel are of high grade and high price. For general room decoration, it is more appropriate to choose aluminum alloy decorative plates, which is in line with people's general shopping psychology, that is, good quality and low price

quality and design are the core competitiveness

what aspects should we look at when purchasing ceiling? The head of the clear integrated ceiling marketing department put it bluntly: first, quality and second, design. The quality of products of the same style may be very different, and the process of ceiling metal surface is different from that of less. The ceiling gusset plate is gradually upgraded from the light coated plate at the beginning, to the matte coated plate, to the anodized plate, to the brushed aluminum plate. Consumers should ask clearly when buying. Some ceilings have strong corrosion resistance, and some show color difference after a few years, affecting the appearance. The main reason for these differences is that the quality standards of products are different

in addition to quality, design is also what consumers attach great importance to. The ceiling should echo the ground and coordinate with the wall, so it is required that the ceiling should be suitable for its own decoration style in both color and pattern design. Affected by the continuous warming of retro tiles in recent years, European style and classical ceilings are currently very popular with consumers. The "Yuteng series" and "Shengtang pattern series" of a brand sell well, which are all due to design innovation

accessories should be carefully looked at

since it is an integrated ceiling, the implication is not only the ceiling with decorative effect, but also the lighting, heating, air supply, ventilation, air purification and other functions on the top. After visiting several ceiling businesses, the reporter learned that the ceilings are generally packaged for sale. Most of the ceilings bought in the home are lighting, heating and other equipment. As for auxiliary appliances, consumers should not ignore them, and should focus on their quality. If these devices often break down after decoration, it will be a very annoying thing. The lighting color and energy consumption of lighting equipment, whether the heating equipment is air-conditioned or Yuba type, and the size of ventilation noise should be asked clearly when purchasing


ceiling is generally charged by square meters, and the price per square meter is about 200 yuan 700 yuan. The size of metal ceiling is mostly 30cm × 30 cm. Electric appliances are charged extra by the number of pieces. A set of ceiling patterns plus electrical appliances are priced according to the module. This kind of charging method is also available, but not much. Large brand ceiling, free door-to-door installation and maintenance, this part of the cost has been included in the price per square meter




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